Finished Dose

The new Aesica development centre is a purpose built facility which will specifically focus on formulation development and clinical manufacture. The development centre will also encompass all supporting analytical services and stability testing capability. The new facility will be more than double Aesica’s capacity for formulation development and clinical manufacture giving us a greater flexibility in developing your product.

QB_DC-60This new facility will be based at our Queenborough manufacturing site, so the technical transfers will be a smooth process, as your product moves from development through clinical to commercialisation.

A featured highlight of the new facility is our ability to handle high potent products (up to Safebridge 3) in our dedicated high potent booths. The booths are designed to be flexible so that equipment can be transferred in and out depending on the dosage form or batch size required.

New development facility now open for formulation development and clinical manufacture services.

  • Particular focus on solid and non-sterile liquid dosage forms
  • Other dosage form offerings – semi-solid and inhalations (DPI/MDI)
  • High potency and controlled drug capability
  • Pre-formulation studies
  • Clinical manufacture from Phase I to III
  • Full analytical services including stability testing and storage capability
  • Smooth technical transfer into our commercial facility at Queenborough


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