Finished Dose

Aesica’s offering in finished dose manufacturing, packaging and development comprises a range of services during the evolution of a product. These products include new chemical entities, reformulations for new indications, and generics.

Across our established sites and teams, we have a breadth of experience and knowledge in formulation development, clinical batch manufacture, and clinical trial supply.

Starting at small scale in formulation development and optimising, we can scale up across the lifecycle of a product. Our seamless, end-to-end solution ensures a smooth transition from clinical development to the commercial realisation of a product.


Depending on the needs of the client, we are able to build strategic product relationships across the development and clinical trial process, or to provide individual services as a one-off. Due to our scale, no project is too big or too small and we can work at any point within a product lifecycle.

With Bespak, we are able to provide an integrated drug and medical device offering. This equips us to identify innovative ways to deliver drugs through respiratory, injectable, or new product devices.

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How Aesica can add value at every stage

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