Aesica came together as a company in 2004, but the sites that now form the Group have histories and capabilities dating much further back.

Following a management buyout in 2004, Aesica was formed with Cramlington as its first site. Cramlington dated back to the 1970s and had two established manufacturing plants and an API technical centre when it was acquired from BASF.

In 2007, we added an API pilot plant to Cramlington and acquired our second site at Queenborough, which came with an international development centre, a centre of excellence for inhalation anaesthetics, packaging capabilities and plants qualified for international supply. Since its acquisition, we have developed the site to include potent and high capacity manufacturing facilities, and introduced continuous tablet manufacturing equipment.

In 2011 we completed the acquisition of three sites from UCB, two located in Germany and one in Italy. The sites in Pianezza, Monheim and Zwickau were established in the 1940s and 1980s, and brought expanded capabilities in formulated product development, manufacturing and packaging to the group.

In 2014, Aesica was acquired by the Consort Medical Group, combining Aesica’s pharmaceutical CDMO offering with Bespak’s capabilities in drug delivery device development and manufacture. Find out more about the Group, about Bespak and about Aesica’s management team.