Aesica recognises the impact our businesses can have on the environment, our customers, shareholders, employees, and society at large. As such, we’re focused on opportunities to improve our practices throughout Corporate Responsibility (CR).

Seeking to uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour, we’re committed to ensuring that our business is managed and developed in a responsible and sustainable manner that is aligned to our business objectives. Our commitment is driven by the belief that significant benefits can be realised for all stakeholders by pursuing a proactive and consistent CR strategy.

The Consort Medical Group CR Committee is chaired by a Consort Medical Non-Executive Board Director and comprises the Group Chief Executive Officer, the divisional MD of Aesica and other key members of the company’s management team. The Committee meets quarterly to define strategy, set targets, monitor progress against these and to report back to the Board. The CR Committee is responsible for reviewing and implementing the divisions’ new programmes, assisting with resourcing and ensuring alignment to the overall Group strategy.

For more information on our CR, please visit Consort Medical.